Bourbon + Rye Bundle


Having a hard time deciding? Why not have one of each? Our Bourbon + Rye Bundle features our two signature expressions, and serves as a way to get a full experience of Oak & Eden, or to gift to the whiskey lover in your life. As with every Oak & Eden expression, we perfect our spirit with a twist: a spire of American Oak, masterfully cut and carefully fired to a medium toast.

Hand placed in every bottle, it "in-bottle finishes" our whiskey, imparting new, unique flavors and color variations that help to create one of the smoothest, sweetest whiskies on the market. The addition of our spire to finish our whiskey is completely unique to Oak & Eden. In fact, the process used to produce our spire is patented and our innovative in-bottle finishing technique is patent pending.


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Bourbon and Rye Bundle


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